Venue Overview

Located in the fringes of Portland’s industrial NW Pearl District and Slabtown District, Blockhouse offers an intimate urban venue that sits just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown. It both feels tucked away and at the center of things, providing the perfect location for medium to small weddings with a modern aesthetic. The lush surroundings of Pomerius Nursery offers green space in an urban environment that creates a relaxing oasis for guests to explore in between events and provides great backdrops for photos.

Meanwhile, the spacious greenhouse offers a picturesque ceremony location that hardly needs decorations with the ample amount of potted plants that surround the scene. The adjoining patio and open-air dining facilitate an effortless flow from one event to the next.

Ceremony Location

At Blockhouse, you have two options for your ceremony setup that will largely come down to budget and guest count. The first option would be in the central patio that also doubles as a cocktail hour area. This option works best for smaller weddings or if budget is a consideration. The second option would be the greenhouse, which can house far more people and is probably the more picturesque option of the two with the abundance of potted plants and towering ferns that line the periphery. 

Reception Location

For receptions at Blockhouse, there is the open-air dining hall that is accessible via a large garage door that opens onto the patio. This location is better for small weddings that want an intimate family style dinner. A large prep table separates the catering area from the dining area that adds to the family style environment, as if you’re being served a gourmet meal by a private chef.

For large receptions, the greenhouse ceremony location can be flipped for the reception and looks great with long wooden tables extending the greenhouse’s length. For dancing later in the evening, it’s extremely easy to transition your guests from either the greenhouse or the dining hall into the central patio, which is conveniently covered for late-night festivities in any weather.

Getting Ready Situation

Unfortunately, Blockhouse does not offer getting ready rooms, but the surrounding area boasts numerous rentals within a mile or two. While getting a suite at a nearby hotel is a great option, I recommend looking into Airbnbs that will lend themselves a bit better to the more intimate nature that Blockhouse exudes.

Parking Situation

Luckily, the industrial area surrounding Blockhouse is fairly quiet so you won’t be competing as much with downtown shoppers. You will find some on-street parking, and it’s usually pretty easy unloading in front of the venue. You’ll also find nearby parking lots that make the parking situation a synch.

Photo Opportunities

Blockhouse offers a variety of beautiful photo backdrops. Of course, the greenhouse is great for family, wedding party and couples photos. But the surrounding Pomerius nursery also has little tucked away corners that look great on either a sunny or cloudy day. Just be sure to make sure that you’ll have access to both the greenhouse and the nursery, as they may have an additional fee.

There are also several industrial backdrops just outside the venue including a cool brick wall in a nearby parking lot that the sun hits just right at sunset, and there are several murals and loading docks that will add additional variety to your portraits. If you really want to get into some nature though, Forest Park’s Lower Macleay trail entrance is only a mile or so away at the base of the west hills.

Catering Situation

Blockhouse’s open-air dining hall merges seamlessly with the catering prep area. At some venues this might be seen as a negative, but the setup at Blockhouse lends a vibe more akin to a pop-up dinner where you’re being served by a private chef. It is both casual and classy for those who appreciate quality and a laidback family vibe.

Venue Perks

  • Lush nursery surrounding
  • Open-air feeling in the city
  • Close to Forest Park
  • Intimate family vibe
  • Chef-inspired kitchen
  • 12-hour rental
  • On-site Blockhouse team member
  • Chairs included for 50 guests
  • 10 custom wood tables and 5 bistro tables
  • A wooden bar and outside lounge furniture
  • No alcohol restrictions
  • Built-In Surround sound system

Nearby Attractions

For guests looking to check out the city, taking a stroll up and down nearby NW 23rd is recommended to check out the numerous boutiques and restaurants. Guests can also go for a stroll in Forest Park or Washington Park. And for those looking to get outside the city, a trip out Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge is always a big hit.

Contact Information

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Phone: (971) 271-7636
Address: 1988 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

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