Hello, I’m Kyle. A wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon.

Being from the Pacific Northwest I joke that I have pine trees sprouting from my skin and sun-soaked glacial runoff coursing through my veins. I’m highly inspired by this unique wonderland. Having grown up here, with a life of adventure—camping, fishing, snowboarding, trail running, and hiking—I’ve simply never grown tired of exploring this enchanting landscape.

Kyle at Tumalo Falls

I discovered my love of photography while studying abroad in New Zealand in 2004 (hello, fellow LOTR fans!). It all started with a basic point-and-shoot digital camera. I’d brought it with me to simply document my travels, but little did I know, after several tramping trips through the NZ wilderness that camera would lay the inspirational groundwork to pursue photography. 

Before my journey to Middle Earth, I was taking casual photos, like anyone might. But being able to preserve these rugged, breathtaking landscapes in an image caused a light bulb switch on in my head: there might be something more to photography.

I came home for my final year of school at University of Oregon where I was studying journalism, and quickly jumped on the opportunity to take the one photojournalism class they had. I was totally hooked, and the rest is history.

Soon enough, friends were asking me to photograph their weddings. I’ll admit, I initially thought weddings were cheesy and that they weren’t for me. Then, unexpectedly, but completely understandably, they proved to be the perfect outlet; marrying my love of people, nature, traveling, journalism, and documentary. I’ve been photographing love ever since. 

When I’m not photographing engagements and weddings, I enjoy traveling, hiking, indie flicks, powdery slopes, rock climbing, and Trail Blazers games. If I’m not roaming around outside, I can be found hanging out with my big gray cat, Auryn, in my tiny home.

My favorite personal outdoor adventures include:

Perhaps that’s where my love of documenting people truly comes from, deep down: a life of adventure with friends and family and a desire to preserve the memories.