Do you only do adventure elopement & engagement photo sessions?

I love to document any kind of wedding or engagement, traditional included. It’s not about the location, it’s about your relationship and making sure you get exactly what you want out of our photos.

Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?

Absolutely! Love is love. Visit our About page for more info on my photography approach.

Do you have business insurance?

Yes, I have a photography business insurance policy through Country Financial and I can provide documentation if your venue requires it.

Do you photograph rehearsal dinners?

I would absolutely love to photograph your rehearsal dinner if my schedule allows it.

What happens if our date changes or if our wedding is canceled?

I try to be as flexible as my schedule allows.

The retainer paid is non-refundable 72 hours after signing the contract. However, if I’m able to rebook with another event for the date in question, I will refund the retainer.

If the wedding date is changed to a date that I am available, I will still be able to photograph your wedding. However, if we’re within 30 days of your wedding date and it’s changed to a date that I do not have available, or if the wedding is canceled altogether, then the final payment will still be due.

What happens if I, your photographer, get sick?

If I am personally unable to photograph your special day, never fear! We are prepared. We are ready to backfill any event with a high-quality, highly-skilled wedding photographer.

What is your photo editing style?

Over the past ten years of editing weddings, I’ve cultivated a unique style that reflects the time we’re living in, without becoming quickly outdated. Subtlety is key.

I aim for warm, natural skin tones, and colorful environments that are not oversaturated. Some film-inspired processing is baked in for just a hint of nostalgia. Maintaining detail in both highlights and shadows is especially important to my editing philosophy, and my tones overall lean gently to the darker, slightly more dramatic side of the spectrum.

The photos currently on my site are a great representation of the work I deliver, so if you like what you see, then my style is likely perfect for you.

Do you provide outtakes and/or RAW files?

As an artist, my goal is to deliver a finished body of art consistent with the work I present on my website. Because the outtakes and RAW files are unfinished, they won’t be included in final delivery or available for purchase.

When will we receive our photos & do we get prints?

I aim to deliver wedding photos within no more than three months. However, during lighter seasons, delivery can be as fast as a week or two from your event.

Engagements are delivered, guaranteed, in one month.

Prints can be purchased from the online gallery provided to you, but are not included in any of my packages.

What is your photo backup plan?

I take great care to ensure that your photos are safe in the case that something happens. I have a three-part system to ensure their safety in case the first and second steps fail. (Down to a hard drive I keep in my car in case my tiny house catches fire!)

Do we own our photos?

Package prices include the value of a copyright license to print photos for your own personal use. This license is intended for use by the couple only; an online gallery is made available for friends and family to order prints.

Can our friends/family take photos at the wedding?

Of course, however, I ask that any additional photos are only taken in a non-professional capacity. I also like to encourage couples to consider an unplugged ceremony so that guests can just enjoy the party and be present.

Can we post our photos to social media?

Please do! Just don’t forget to tag @kylecarnesphoto if you’re on Instagram and @KyleCarnesPhotography on Facebook. I only ask that no alterations are made to the images, this includes using filters.

Can you help with our timeline?

I work closely with all couples to construct their photography timeline so their day unfolds effortlessly. The following page provides tips on How To Schedule A Wedding Photography Timeline.

I do, however, encourage hiring a coordinator or planner who can assist with scheduling your other vendors.

Does your photo booth include prints?

My photo booth does not print photos. Any photos taken at the photo booth during your wedding will be included in the online gallery.

Where will we shoot our photos?

I encourage couples to think of any locations or activities that are special in their relationship. This is a great way to come up with an engagement photo session location. However, if you still need help or if you’d like to go somewhere you’ve never been before, here is a great list of engagement session location ideas.

Do you shoot engagements on weekends?

Generally speaking, I am available to photograph your engagement during the week, however, it is possible that I would be available on a weekend outside of high wedding season. Please inquire with me directly to find out what’s possible.

Can we bring our pet on our adventure elopement or engagement photo shoot?

I love animals and I’m always open to incorporating pets, but it’s important to understand how the presence of your furry friend can change the overall nature of our session. If you are looking to cultivate a more romantic atmosphere, bringing your pet may be a barrier. If you would really like to incorporate a pet, consider having another person there to step in to look after them.

What should we wear for our engagement photo session?

While weddings are fairly easy to decide what you’re going to wear, thanks to tradition, engagement photo sessions can be a little more intimidating. Leading up to your engagement photo shoot, I encourage you to go buck wild shopping for a couple of outfits that are going to make you feel your most confident.

Keep in mind that clothing and footwear should be appropriate for the locations where we’ll be shooting.

What if we’re not hikers?

No problem! If you’d like to go on an adventure, I am happy to guide you through an introductory hike. Let’s talk about your skill level ahead of time to ensure our safety and to be sure you have everything you need for a great day out in nature. One of the primary pieces of equipment needed will be a good pair of shoes with traction. Think high quality, functional, AND stylish boots over sneakers or other shoes without traction. Safety and comfort never looked so good on the trail!

If you want to be outside, but aren’t sure about going for a hike, I have an extensive list of locations to choose from such as easy-to-access parks where we can capture that outdoor vibe.

What is Leave No Trace?

Leave No Trace is an organization that educates people on how to preserve nature while enjoying it. They’ve laid out 7 principles, or ethics, that are useful to keep in mind when taking couples on adventure photoshoots.

While some of my values align with those of Leave No Trace, namely to support sustainable outdoor adventuring, I am aware that they are not without their issues and that every individual has their own unique, evolving relationship with nature.

For this reason, I do not support the use of LNT principles to target and exclude BIPOC hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.