Kyle Carnes Wedding Photography

I specialize in Wedding, Elopement, and Engagement Photography, but traveling beyond my homebase of Portland, Oregon to photograph destination weddings and adventure elopements is my absolute favorite. 

Drawing on my love for travel and experience in the outdoors, I enjoy lending my skills to help this once in a lifetime event go exactly as you envision.

Working with Kyle Carnes Photography

Being photographed is more than a service, it’s an experience, which extends beyond the lens of the camera. It’s my job to see the invisible and bring that deeper emotion to your photographs.

I want to guide you through your photography session in a way that makes your wedding day run smoothly, feels relaxed, and is enjoyable for both of you. While I bring a laid back approach, I want you to also feel confident the details of your session will be handled with professionalism.

Most questions you may have are answered in my FAQ, but if there’s anything else you want to know, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Between your epic love and my approach to documenting weddings, we’ll collaborate on photographs that bring your relationship to life in a lasting format.

My Wedding Photography Approach

By focusing on documentary, portraiture, and detail photos in an even-handed manner, I capture a well-rounded story.

My primary goal is to blend in and capture the authentic vibe of your wedding. However, I step in as often as needed to direct, because looking natural in a photograph, is not always the same as feeling natural —especially when it comes to portraiture and detail.

Documentary: This means capturing all of those seemingly small, off-the-cuff candid moments throughout the day, moments that I don’t direct or influence. These are the photos that organically tell the story of your special day.

Portraiture: Maintaining a documentary feel, I create portraits that look natural. By only occasionally incorporating more conceptual, creative lighting, I am able to take portraits that are cohesive with the overall photography aesthetic and that are representative of your style, and what you’ll have come to expect from me based on my portfolio.

Detail: These photos include wardrobe, decorations, gifts, and landscapes. They describe what the day looked like so you can’t help but put yourself back in that time and place every time you look at them.

And while “direction” sounds technical, it can be as fun as having you whisper dirty things or inside jokes to each other so I can catch your reactions.

I like to get creative and ask couples to bring something to share with their partner like a letter, poem, or gift during the photoshoot to help set the tone. We will talk about directing prior to working together so I can find out how you’re most comfortable and what would feel natural for you.

Your Comfort is My Job

It’s my job to be aware of the dynamics around us as we get that perfect shot. Consideration for your concerns will always be top of mind.

Every couple is safe to be who they are in front of my lens. More than that, I want you to feel your most attractive, and comfortable in your own skin. I bring a sensitive, adaptive, and understanding approach to photographing all people. After all, every family and each couple has unique ways of expressing their connection.

I’m also sensitive to our shooting locations and understand that your comfort and safety are paramount to feeling present in the moment. If this is a concern for you, I would love to brainstorm some location ideas where you’ll feel most comfortable.

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