Beautiful Coopers Hall Wedding Photography In Portland, Oregon

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Coincidentally, Keaton and Stuart got married at Coopers Hall on Pi Day. The choice was on purpose, but I think the fact that they recognized the significance of the day and thought it was super cool says a lot about them. They even had pie for desert, and I remember them joking about serving it when I first met them. Both of them have a little bit of a geeky streak but in an incredibly good humored, intelligent, hip kind of way.

Keaton runs an expanding physical therapist business called MovementX. I even got an appointment with her and she set me up with some great exercises to help me with a knee injury. The appointment was around Halloween and she was dressed up as a Minion when I arrived. And Stuart works for Nike, but that almost feels like a side note because he dabbles in so many other pursuits like photography, design, and woodworking. He even made his own boutonniere the morning of the wedding, and it looked like it was straight from the florist!

Coopers Hall was a wonderful location for Keaton and Stuart to host their wedding. It’s located in the industrial SE area of Portland that’s recently been revitalized. Coopers Hall barrels their own wine, which is on tap and delicious, and they have exquisite seasonal menus. During the wedding, the chef even came out to describe the menu in great detail. They were so kind enough to whip me up some kind of special bread-crusted quail for my vendor meal. (They made it gluten free, too!)

The interior of Coopers Hall has high industrial ceilings with strung lights draped over the bar area. A large stack of wine barrels cordon off the reception space and makes for a wonderful ceremony or portrait backdrop. In Stuart and Keaton’s case, they decided to have their ceremony at an alternate location by the big windows across the way. They draped white fabric to diffuse the window light, giving the space a well-lit dreamy glow.

Keaton got ready at the Jupiter Next Hotel, conveniently located nearby Coopers Hall. It’s one of my favorite new hotels on the east side. It has a lot of wonderful portrait opportunities indoors with great window light. Taking photos indoors with available light can sometimes be tricky, and the Jupiter Next Hotel makes it easy. This especially becomes important on rainy days when the option of going outside are limited. The hotel rooms are spacious and well-lit, as well.

This turned out to be the last wedding that I shot before all of the COVID-19 social distancing policies came into place. So far I’ve had a few weddings postponed out of necessity and I’m hoping my availability will still allow me to work with these fabulous couples later in the year. While the future of the wedding industry and the aftermath of the current crisis is a little unclear, I’m incredibly happy to have got to spend this last wedding for a while with Keaton and Stuart at Coopers Hall! 🙂 — KC




















































































































































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