Tunnel Beach, Oregon Coast Elopement Photography

This Tunnel Beach elopement on the Oregon Coast is my first blog post in almost a year. When the pandemic first hit, I’ll admit I was a definitely thrown for a loop. Almost all of the couples I was scheduled to photograph 2020 were reevaluating their wedding plans. A couple even outright canceled. It seemed most of the work I was doing was renegotiating contracts and rescheduling weddings for 2021. It certainly wasn’t a pleasant process, but I felt even worse for everyone who had to scrap plans.

With weddings largely put on hold and new bookings coming in slowly, I felt less motivated to post any new work. I reasoned I’d hold off until a little closer to when a light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic became clearer. With vaccines in distribution, I hope for everyone looking to get married soon that they will be able to resume planning the weddings they always wanted. I’m also feeling excited, again, to put new work out into the world.

Hanna and Robb’s Tunnel Beach elopement on the Oregon Coasts was a definite bright spots this past year. They originally planned to get married in Colorado. But like many couples, they were forced to take another look at their plans and decided to elope instead. Coincidentally two friends of theirs, who also lived in Colorado, had recently contacted me to elope at a waterfall on Mt Hood. So Hanna and Robb accompanied them to Oregon to officiate their waterfall elopement. Their friends likewise officiated for Hanna and Robb at Tunnel Beach. I got to photograph both elopements within a couple week’s of each other. It was a blast having the opportunity to work with both couples while they switched roles between the two events. While Hanna and Robb’s elopement at Tunnel Beach was the second elopement, the waterfall elopement post will be coming along shortly.

For some reason, Tunnel Beach had kind of slipped by my radar over the years. I’ve been up and down the Oregon Coast, but this gem had somehow escaped my notice. Located in Oceanside near Tillamook, Tunnel Beach has a wonderful stretch of coastline. Beautiful rock formations jut out of the ocean. And as the name implies, there’s also a really cool tunnel. In the past, it was drilled through the cliff side to gain access to a harder-to-access beach on the other side. Fewer  beachgoers frequent that side of the beach. And this made it the perfect location for an intimate elopement. 🙂 — KC

















































































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