Pelican Brewing Company Wedding Photography

When I arrived in Lincoln City to photography Chelsea and Steve’s wedding at Cape Kiwanda, all of the locals were telling me how lucky we were that the weather was so nice because it had been raining for several weeks, and this was the first sunny day in ages at Cape Kiwanda. It truly felt like spring had finally arrived, and I couldn’t have been more thankful for it. During our scheduling meeting, Chelsea, Steve and I had talked about doing some sunset photos on Cape Kiwanda Beach, but we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to fit it in or if it was going to be worth while planning for given that weather in April can be super hit and miss, especially on the coast. However, when I arrived on the scene, Chelsea and Steve were game for adding on a little more time to make those photos happen, which was so worth it. When you have that chance to take photos at golden hour you’ve just got to take hold of it, especially when you’re on the Oregon Coast, which can be finicky at times. Chelsea and Steve got ready at a very cool beach house Airbnb about a mile from Cape Kiwanda. We started there with some portraits around the house, and then made our way to Pelican Brewing, positioned right next to the beach, where they had there ceremony in the sand with a beautiful wooden arch. The rest of the evening was a pretty chill affair at Pelican Brewing with Chelsea and Steve’s closest friends and family, and, of course, afterward we snuck out just as the sun was setting for that beautiful light. Stick around to the end of the post to check it out! 🙂 — KC

6 replies on “Pelican Brewing Company Wedding Photography

  • Kate Ames

    Cape Kiwanda is one of my favorite parts of the Oregon Coast! What a gorgeous spot for a wedding and the sunset photos are just beautiful!

  • Malina

    The arch, the succulent cake, the gorgeous view…this looks like a DREAM! Their bridal portraits at the end were especially gorgeous, definitely need to book a Cape kiwanda wedding like this!

  • Lynn Marie

    I love Cape Kiwanda & it’s one of my favorite Oregon coast destinations. What a gorgeous wedding too! I’m loving her dress so much! I love the evening portraits on the beach of the two of them. Stunning!

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