Engagement Photography At Cathedral Park And Pittock Mansion

Last fall, I photographed Angela and Jeremy’s engagement session at Cathedral Park and the Pittock Mansion, and we struck gold with the perfect day. It was still early enough in the year that the sun was out and it was plenty warm but there was a pleasant briskness to the wind, and the autumn leaves were in full effect at Cathedral Park. At the moment of writing this post, I feel as though I’m experiencing my two favorite times of the years simultaneously. Cathedral Park is such a special place on days like these with everyone out laying in the grass, reading books on benches, and running on the trails with the St Johns Bridge soaring over head. I feel the park was very aptly named, as I recently returned from Europe where I visited several ancient cathedrals, and at Cathedral Park you get that very same sense of quiet and peacefulness, which all adds up to a wonderful engagement session location. After exploring Cathedral Park, we hit up the Pittock Mansion to finish off the engagement shoot. It’s so cool that we have an old building like the Pittock Mansion, which is a very short drive from downtown Portland, where anyone can go, roam the grounds, and feel like an aristocrat for the day. If you’re a local and haven’t checked out either of these places, you definitely should. They’re great for a stroll on a beautiful day in either the spring or fall. 🙂 — KC