Adventurous Swiss Alps Elopement Photography

Ever since Krysta and Nick approached me to photograph their destination elopement in the Swiss Alps I eagerly waited in anticipation for their date to arrive. For me, the Swiss Alps occupies the same place in my brain as fantasy worlds full of magical creatures from a Tolkien novel. So to have the opportunity to photograph an elopement there was a dream come true. As it so happens, Krysta and Nick are also wedding photographers. I shot a wedding a couple years back with Krysta for a studio we both worked for at the time, and for the past year we’ve been in the same referral group. But little did I know and much to my surprise, she and Nick had been keeping close tabs on my work. They are both excellent photographers and wonderful people, so for them to ask me to photograph their elopement and trust me to fly all the way to Switzerland was a huge honor. It also created an amazing opportunity for me to get in some additional travel around Europe, which was an incredible experience, but that’s a story for another blog post.

A couple days before their elopement, we all arrived in the small Swiss Alps mountain town of Wengen, which also has a pretty epic ski resort that we got to ride not once but twice! Krysta and Nick were accompanied by their two close friends, Aly and Tommy, and we were later joined by their talented videographers, Craig and Nicole Flood of Watertown Films. Krysta and Nick had rented an Airbnb that was big enough for us all to stay in, which created a great opportunity to get to know them that much more in the lead up to the ceremony, which they were very casual and relaxed about. In fact, the proceedings were so casual that we sort of stumbled upon what would come to be the ceremony location. The day after we arrived, we decided to go for a short hike and while making our way up to a lookout we noticed a small pasture with a perfect view of the valley and the encircling mountains. While I wasn’t officially on the clock yet, I had brought my camera along with me for my own enjoyment and documented the hike, so I’ve included it here because I think that it helps better tell Krysta and Nick’s Swiss Alps elopement story, which from here out I’ll let the photos tell. Enjoy! 🙂 — KC


Dress: Saldana Vintage

Location: Wengen, Switzerland

Florist: Samantha Bühler And Gruenraum Winterthur

Videographer: Craig Flood Of Watertown Films

Menswear: H&M

Shoes: Vans

Makeup and Hair: Daniela Grisoli




















































































































































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  • Katy Weaver

    What the what Kyle?! These are INSANE!! This Swiss Alps Elopement just blew my freaking mind. I was in Switzerland in November and you captured the feeling of it so well! Your destination elopement photography is so dang good. I love the shot of the goat and the epic mountain views and pretty much all of it! You told their story so well!

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