Mt View Orchards Wedding Photography

Sara and Kevin’s wedding at Mt View Orchards was absolutely beautiful. Not only was the weather spot on, but Mt View Orchards is an idyllic picturesque venue. Sitting near the base of Mt Hood, the Mt View Orchards has all manner of fruits hanging from limbs and vines and colorful flowers sprouting up from the ground. The wedding location itself within the orchard is surrounded by 100-year-old apple trees, which made for wonderful portrait backdrops. The ceremony was held on an open lawn surrounded by these trees with Mt Hood rising up in the background. One of the really nice things about Mt Hood Orchards as a wedding venue is how self contained it is. The reception area is literally right next to the ceremony lawn. There’s also a small house just up a short road for getting ready. And there is ample opportunity to portraits with all of the gorgeous backdrops. Everything is very walkable, even for the bride and groom on a hot summer day. It was the perfect location for Sara and Kevin, whose warm, pleasant, laidback personalities paired perfectly with the serene surroundings. 🙂 — KC

Mt View Orchards Mt Hood Wedding Venue

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