Cathedral Park Same-Sex Wedding Photography

Misti and Siobhana said their vows at Cathedral Park and later hosted their reception at the North Star Ballroom, now known as Polaris Hall. They are the type of couple that just radiate love for each other and for everyone around them. Rarely did I see them without a smile on their faces, not just during their wedding at Cathedral Park but also during our meetings. Even when we spoke on the phone you could feel their enthusiasm. This trait was never truer during my favorite part of their wedding. Siobhana stood up on stage during the reception at Polaris Hall, and did a surprise serenade for Misti. The thing is that Siobhana was admittedly extremely nervous. Her voice cracked a little and she was just a touch off key, but it didn’t matter. Not only Misti but everyone at the North Star Ballroom ate it up. It was just so freaking adorable. And the whole time Siobhana had a huge grin as she and Misti held eye contact through the entirety of the song. 🙂 — KC