Black Butte Ranch Wedding Photographer

As I drove to Black Butte Ranch to photograph Cassie and Erich’s wedding, rain was in the forecast and the clouds hung low in the sky. But upon arrival I was greeted with the most wonderful rainbow streaking through the sky and falling right beyond the meadows at Black Butte Ranch. I took this as a good omen for the day ahead, and as luck would have it, the weather came and went at the most convenient times, clearing up right when we need to do portraits. I was extremely happy that it did because I found this cool spot with weathered pine trees that had blanketed the ground with needles and cones. Funnily enough, there were so many cones that when the bridesmaids walked through the trees the cones kept getting stuck to their dresses and heels. We all had a good laugh about it, and I made sure to document the moment. It certainly wasn’t a perfect wedding moment. You’d never see it in a magazine, and most people when they think about their wedding photographs wouldn’t even imagine wanting something like that documented. But for me, it’s small random moments like getting pinecones stuck to your dress that give extra context to the day and adds colorful moments that help remind you how the day felt. I’m ever grateful to have such amazing clients like Cassie and Erich that give me the freedom to concentrate on such small details. 🙂 — KC