Cape Kiwanda Oregon Coast Elopement Photography

I was so excited to hear from Holly and Shaun when they contact me to photograph their Oregon Coast elopement at Cape Kiwanda. I’ve been shooting weddings and elopements for almost ten years now and for some reason I’ve never had a couple contact me for this location. I’ve photographed couples up and down the Oregon Coast but Cape Kiwanda has always eluded me. Starting during my college years, I’ve also been making personal trips out to Cape Kiwanda and I’ve always loved the giant sand dune and the sand stone outcropping that the area is known for. With Holly and Shaun I’m thankful to have finally gotten the chance.

Holly and Shaun traveled all the way from Arkansas for their elopement at Cape Kiwanda. They were just in the middle of selling one of their houses when they arrived so they could fully move in together upon their return home. It was their first time visiting Oregon and its coast, which also made it a special experience for me, getting to share this special place with a couple I don’t think knew fully what was in store for them.

They originally wanted to do the full shoot on the beach, but I told them that we just had to hike up to the point of the outcropping at sunset. It’s one of the coolest lookouts along the Oregon coastline. When we finally made it out there I could tell the view blew Holly and Shaun away. So much so that I gave them a good long time to just look out and take everything in. Holly was in love with the whales that were breeching a short distance away. We only saw their backs and one tail, but it was still pretty cool! 🙂 — KC























































































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