Dreamy Clackamas River Farm Wedding Photography

Emily and CJ’s wedding at Clackamas River Farm was an absolute blast. It’s easy to forget that weather took an early unforecasted turn for the worse before guests arrived with passing rain making an appearance. Dinner was planned to be on the lawn, which given the circumstance could cause any couple stress. But with apparent nonchalant easy the groomsmen were rallied to move the entire reception under an awning, and the end result appeared as if that was the plan all along. The rest of the day proceeded like a dream.

Two particular details of note that stood out to me: Emily wore a creative Carrie Bradshaw-inspired dress consisting of a standalone dress that would have been gorgeous on it’s own and a puffy skirt that later came off during the reception. And CJ had custom skateboard decks designed for each of his groomsmen. Each fit their personalities. The wedding overall was effortlessly hip while thoroughly sentimental throughout. I don’t think I’ve seen so many guests simultaneously choked up with tears and stricken with laughter.

The end of the night dance party was one for the ages, a definite highlight. Butts were slapped, people rode on shoulders, random people made out, every conceivable high school dance song hit from the late 1990s / early 2000s was played, CJ hoisted his dog aloft and paraded him through the throng of dancers, etc. It seemed anything was possible.

Clackamas River Farm is a gorgeous venue. I would have to say it’s one of my new favorites with all it has to offer. Flowers abound throughout the property. There are several structures all within close proximity for wedding couples to put to use. The country cottage has wonderful light for the bride and her entourage to get ready in, and the nearby rustic barn is perfect for the guys. There is plenty of versatility for choosing a ceremony area, and the red barn reception building can both accommodate dinner underneath a large awning or nearby lawn. Oh, and the river can be accessed down a short wooded trail for photos in the evening. Clackamas River Farm has great potential. — KC

















































































































































































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