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  • Newlyweds walking up the aisle smiling after saying their vows photographed by Portland wedding photographer Kyle Carnes. Thoughts on Making Your Wedding More Inclusive

    Up to this point, western-ideals around marriage tradition, aesthetics, and symbolism have dominated the wedding industry. For many couples, this doesn’t accurately represent their cultures, relationships, or their families.  It is time to explore the prescribed traditions through the lens of inclusivity and find out what feels important to you as an individual and as […]

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  • What Kind of Wedding Photographer is Right For You?

    Wedding days come and go, but photographs last a lifetime. The expectation is that all the vendors you choose will work hard to turn your vision into reality. It is the photographer, in particular, who will document everything as it unfolds, in real time. More than any other person, (besides your partner of course), they […]

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  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Do An Engagement Session

    10 Reasons Why You Should Do An Engagement Session So your partner recently popped the question and you enthusiastically said, “Yes!” Now you’re deep in the wedding planning process and you’re wondering if you need or even want an engagement photographer. Personally, I enjoy photographing engagements even more than weddings. I love getting a more […]

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  • How To Schedule A Wedding Photography Timeline

    Wedding Photography Timeline Intro The wedding photography timeline is going to set the tone for your wedding. So establishing a smooth flow is extremely important. Below I’ve created a fairly comprehensive list of recommendations that I give to all of my clients. I believe they make a wedding day photography timeline run effortlessly. This post […]

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  • Questions To Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

    Booking a wedding venue may be one of the biggest wedding planning decisions you make. There are a number of factors in play: location, price, easy of access, aesthetics, services offered, etc. It can be a lot to account for everything, and it can be easy to let important details fall through the cracks. For […]

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  • Wedding Day Preparation Guide With Tips And Advice

    Below is an extensive list of tips and suggestions to prepare you for your wedding. They are made with photography in mind but they also extend to other areas of the wedding day. Admittedly, the list is long, so if it looks overwhelming I still highly encourage reading the title of each to get the […]

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  • 15 Reasons Why You Should Order A Wedding Album

    1) You Can’t Tell Your Full Wedding Day Story With Just A Few Photos On The Wall. 2) Most Couples Don’t Get Around To Making One themselves. 3) Your Photographer Has Lots Of Experience Designing Albums. 4) It Will Save You Time And Stress. 5) The Wedding Album Is the Culmination Of All The Planning. […]

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  • Backing Up Your Wedding Photographs

    Should I Back Up My Wedding Photographs?  Absolutely, yes, back up your wedding photographs! I can’t stress the importance of this more. This topic can admittedly be a bit tiresome but I really encourage reading on for more information and best practices to back up your wedding photographs. This advice can really apply to the […]

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  • Outdoor Portland Engagement Session Locations

    Need Outdoor Location Ideas For Your Engagement Session Near Portland, Oregon?   Great, you’ve decided to do an engagement session in or around Portland and now you need to decide on a location. However, you’re unsure about where you’d like to do them. First off, I encourage you to think about any potentially special places […]

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