15 Reasons Why You Should Order A Wedding Album

1) You Can’t Tell Your Full Wedding Day Story With Just A Few Photos On The Wall.

2) Most Couples Don’t Get Around To Making One themselves.

3) Your Photographer Has Lots Of Experience Designing Albums.

4) It Will Save You Time And Stress.

5) The Wedding Album Is the Culmination Of All The Planning.

6) Your Wedding Album Will Be A Heirloom and Historical Document Of Your Family.

7) Your Photographer Can Help Guide You Toward Picking The Best Images.

8) A Physical Album You Can Touch And Feel Is More Powerful Than Seeing Images On A Screen.

9) An Album Presents The Opportunity To Share Meaningful Moments With Friends And Family.

10) An Album Will Force You To Unplug.

11) Years from now, if you lose your digital files and I happen to no longer be in business with copies, at least you’ll have your wedding album.

12) You Hired A Professional To Take Your Photos, So Why Not Have A Professional Design Your Album?

13) Premium Albums With Quality Materials Are Often Only Available To Professional Photographers.

14) A Well-Assembled Album Will Stand The Test Of Time.

15) They Make Great Gifts For Your Parents.

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