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  • Moab Adventure Photography 006 Moab Adventure Photography In Canyonlands National Park

    A couple years back, my family took a vacation to Moab, Utah for Thanksgiving. My brother and I broke off from the pack to backpack through the labyrinthine landscape of Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. Navigating the multi-layered plateaus of Needles can be especially disorienting because one plateau doesn’t always connect to the next. […]

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  • Wilderness Adventure Elopement 001 1 Choose Your Own Wilderness Adventure Elopement

    Adventure Elopements are breathing fresh air into traditional wedding culture. To be fair, it has long been a romantic fantasy for couples to throw caution to the wind and run away together in order to flee disapproving family and friends. However, couples today are being a bit more intentional than those opting for the stereotypical […]

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  • Chile Travel Photography 002 2 1 Adventurous Travel Photography In Chile

    For this trip, my brother and I traveled to Chile for the better part of a month where we visited Santiago, Valparaiso, Viña Del Mar, Patagonia, and the Atacama Desert. It’s hard for me to say what I liked most about the trip. Chile is an incredible country, and there were so much interesting culture […]

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  • South Sister Adventure Photography 001 South Sister Adventure Photography

    I would have to say the big highlight of my summer was hiking South Sister. People have been telling me for your years to do this hike, and I’m stoked to finally tick it off my bucket list. It sure did impress. Two of my friends and I summited together. This was our third attempt, […]

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  • Mt Thielsen Adventure Photography 001 2 Mt Thielsen Adventure Photography

    Over the past couple days, three friends, two pups, and I road tripped out to Central Oregon to tackle Mt Thielsen. It is perhaps one of the lesser known mountains in the Cascades range, but its unique features make it an exhilarating climb and a solid hike to check off the bucket list. The first […]

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  • Mount Shasta Adventure Photography 001 1 Mt Shasta Adventure Photography

    Over Memorial Day weekend, two of my friends, Karl and Corey, and I had an amazing time camping and exploring the forests and craggy peaks surrounding Mount Shasta. However, that was not the original plan. It’s not uncommon for me to be photographing a wedding or two over Memorial Day weekend, so I often don’t […]

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  • Mount St Helens Adventure Photography 001 Mount St. Helens Adventure Photography

    Last year was super busy and because of that I never got around to blogging any of my personal adventures. Amid all of my summer weddings, I managed to sneak in a mid-week hike up to the summit of Mount St. Helens with my friends James and Robert, who were gracious enough to invite me […]

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  • Mount Ngauruhoe Tongariro Northern Circuit Adventure Photography 001 1 New Zealand Road Trip Adventure Photography

    Last February, I went on an epic New Zealand road trip adventure with my two good friends, Gabe and Andrew. We spent a full month making a big loop around the north and south islands squeezed tightly into our trusty Nissan Wingroad hatchback. We slept in Airbnb rentals on the beach, tents at roadside holiday […]

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