Adventurous Travel Photography In Chile

For this trip, my brother and I traveled to Chile for the better part of a month where we visited Santiago, Valparaiso, Viña Del Mar, Patagonia, and the Atacama Desert. It’s hard for me to say what I liked most about the trip. Chile is an incredible country, and there were so much interesting culture and so many places to see and photograph.

From the street performers of Santiago and learning the tragic history of the violent Pinochet coup; to the amazing graffiti of Valparaiso and visiting one of the homes of famous poet Pablo Neruda; to the sun soaked beaches of Viña Del Mar and sand boarding down the Dunas De Concón; to hiking 50 miles through Patagonia’s Torres De Paine where I lost my camera only to have it returned by a kindly bus driver; to soaking in the salty hot springs of the Atacama Desert and watching the sun set over the Valle De La Luna—it was all simply amazing.

Chile is such a huge country, spanning nearly two-thirds the length of South America, with delicious food and friendly people. I feel as though we really only scratched the surface of all the beautiful sights. I hope to return some day and hopefully dip my toes into neighboring Argentina and the rest of the vast continent. 🙂 — KC    

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