Tamanawas Falls Hike Engagement Session

This was not only my first time shooting an engagement session at Tamanawas Falls but also my first time visiting, and boy am I glad I came across it because it was a treat. Since the fires in the gorge last year I’ve had to search for new photo shoot locations, and Tamanwas Falls was one of my first finds. It has a truly epic waterfall and then hike in is fairly short and manageable, but just long enough to keep large crowds away. When Jessica and Cameron asked me to photograph their engagement session they requested a waterfall location so I figured that Tamanwas Falls would be perfect for them. Located on the opposite side of Mt Hood from Portland, it’s a little harder to reach, but the extra drive was definitely worth it and we got some extra beautiful weather to top things off. One of the cool things about this lcoation is that there’s a rocky path that will take you behind the waterfall for those willing to brave the spray coming off the waterfall. Once you get behind it you’re protected from the water and you can just chill there for a bit and listen to the roar of the water streaming overhead. It’s pretty magical. — KC




























































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