Historic Overlook House Backyard Wedding

There were many amazing, hilarious moments during Sarah and Dan’s backyard wedding at the Historic Overlook House, but two in particular stood out to me. The first involved Dan’s best man, Ryan, and a foldable picnic table. Dan and many of his friends are Buffalo Bills fans, and there is apparently a ridiculous tradition of Bills fans jumping on top of and breaking picnic tables in the parking lots of games. So during his best man speech Ryan brought along one of these tables that said, “Sarah + Dan” and “Go Bills” in colorful electrical tape. Ryan then declared half jokingly but kind of seriously that at some point during the reception that Dan had to jump on the table. Well later during the reception, Dan and four or five others staged a coup, picked up Ryan, ran with him on their shoulders across the Historic Overlook House’s backyard lawn and threw him onto the table, breaking it in half. It was hysterical! My other favorite hilarious moment also occurred during the speeches when Sarah’s maid of honor was about to make a cheers to Sarah and Dan, but then forgot that she didn’t have her drink. It just so happened that her drink was sitting on the concrete wall directly behind Sarah. So she reached over for the drink, but Sarah misinterpreted it as a hug and went in with arms extended while her maid of honor breezed past her to get her beverage. I feel like in most situations this would have created a super awkward moment, but Sarah and her maid of honor thought it was super funny. They had a big laugh and after the hysterics were over they eventually got around to the hug. I could go on and on with other moments during Sarah and Dan’s backyard wedding, but there are photos to get to so scroll on down! 🙂 — KC