Smith Rock Engagement Photography

Smith Rock is one of my favorite locations for photographing engagement sessions. The landscape is seriously epic. It’s also very accessible, and you don’t have to hike a bajillion miles to get amazing views. During our initial meeting, Zarina and Chris told me how they had gotten engaged on a mountaintop in the Dolomites. I figured that Smith Rock would be right up their alley for their engagement session. So I was excited that Zarina and Chris were up for the adventure.

My favorite thing to do at Smith Rock is hike up Misery Ridge and take photos up at the top. While it’s a relatively short hike, only about a mile, it’s straight up some fairly steep switchbacks that will certainly get you breathing and sweating. Given the brisk winter air we luckily didn’t have to worry about getting too hot. But once we reached the top the wind was out of control. It was whipping Zarina’s hair around so much that it turned into a whirling tornado around her head. Fortunately, I was still able to grab some great shots with a lot of drama.

To add in a bonus, despite the day being quite overcast, the sun decided to come out right at the end of our session. It was the perfect end to a truly amazing engagement session at Smith Rock! 🙂 — KC


































































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