Mt Hood Meadows Winter Wedding Photography

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I actually photographed this Mt Hood Meadows wedding at the tail end of last winter. For whatever reason I never got around to posting it. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of client meetings, shooting, and editing I don’t find time to post every wedding. Now that I’m all caught up on last year, I’ve decided to go back and post some older work. I’ve been really kicking myself for not getting this Mt Hood Meadows wedding up earlier. It was such a beautiful day and Bobbie and Gauge were such a sweet, loving couple.

What stood out to me about them was how incredibly loving they were to all of the kids in their lives. They were a big part of the day. A few of the little ones even gave speeches. Unfortunately, their son, Tug, had a little mishap the night before. They had rented rooms at Cooper Spur so that they could get ready near Mt Hood Meadows. Outside of their room was a little counter with a sharp edge on it. While playing, Broc cracked his head on it pretty good. They had to make a late night run to the hospital to get him fixed up. When I showed up to start photographing their wedding in the morning Broc had a bump and a few stitches on his forehead. You can see them pretty clearly in the photos below.

Despite all the stress of having to run to the emergency room and getting little sleep, they were in such incredibly good moods. The day also went perfectly. From the Mt Hood Meadows lodge there were picture perfect views of the summit. It was as if the events the night before had never happened. I won’t lie, I’ve seen less put a bride or groom in a dour mood the day of their wedding. I think it’s a testament to their loving personalities and their strong bond with their son. Hopefully, it all turned out to be one of those crazy stories they can tell their friends about their wedding. 🙂 — KC