The Redd On Salmon Street Wedding Photography

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Emily and Ryan hosted their wedding at the new SE Portland EcoTrust building, The Redd On Salmon Street, and got ready at the nearby Jupiter Hotel. Emily was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest but now lives in Reno, Nevada where she and Ryan live. They are outdoorsy people, having gotten engaged in Denali, but they wanted their wedding to be accessible to all their family. Hosting their wedding in Portland made sense with its close proximity to nature, and they decided to create a national parks wedding theme to bring a little bit of that vibe to their day. Every table at the reception was named after a national park, and they made a giant map of national parks that was used as a seating chart.

Emily works in public land conservation, and given that The Redd is an Ecotrust building, it was the perfect choice. However, when Emily and Ryan booked the venue it wasn’t yet complete, so they were taking a little bit of a risk. But the final venue turned out topnotch. The building used to be an ironworks factory, and remnants of the equipment have been incorporated into the design to memorialize the history of the space.

The main feature is a giant, green metal press that stands nearly floor to vaulted ceiling. I was told that the original plan was to remove the press, but it was so big and heavy that it was prohibitively expensive to do so, which I think turned out for the best. It really adds an impressive element. One of Emily and Ryan’s guests loved it so much that he decided to climb in it and pretend that he was getting crushed. He got a little greasy from oil that apparently still drips, but I think it was worth the photo, ha ha. 🙂 — KC
















































































































































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