Surprise Proposal Photography At The Allison Inn

I began coordinating with Kyle a few weeks before he planned to propose to Morgan. I found out that they had been dating long distance, and she was due to visit him in Portland where he’s working for the summer. Kyle wanted the perfect location for the proposal and after scouring Portland he finally opted for a more secluded venue outside of town in Newberg at the Allison Inn. Before Morgan arrived, Kyle came up with a well-orchestrated plan to surprise her. Apparently she’s got a nose for noticing when something’s up. He told her that he wanted to take her to a pop-up kitchen being put on by a renowned chef, which according to Morgan after the proposal was totally something he would do. So she definitely didn’t see it coming. Kyle arranged for flowers and champagne to be waiting for them in a secluded garden area on the property, and they were led there by an Allison Inn staff member who told them that there was a cocktail hour going on. Meanwhile, I waited behind a bush anticipating their arrival. Of course, when the moment arrived Morgan exuberantly said yes, and there was a lot of jumping up and down between sips of champagne. After they had a few moments to really enjoy the moment, I did a mini portrait session with them similar to how I would do an engagement, and then Morgan and Kyle went to meet up with their parents who had flown into town that day as one extra surprise. 🙂 — Kyle









































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