A Smith Rock Engagement Session

Today, I bring you Mia and Chris’ Smith Rock engagement session. Smith Rock State Park is so out-of-this-world beautiful. How nature came up with it is beyond me. Smith Rock has been another location I’ve been wanting to photograph an engagement session at for a while. It’s been on a long list that I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through these past couple years. It seems the longer and longer that I’ve been photographing weddings and engagements the more I’ve been attracting couples who enjoy exploring and adventuring in the same outdoor locations that I love, which has been a great feeling. During my first several years in business I was pretty clueless about how to communicate the direction I wanted to take my photography business and how to attract couples that were on the same page. These past couple years just about every couple who has contacted me has been up for some exploring, and I’m sensing there’s going to me many more amazing places to check out moving forward. 🙂 — KC