Lost Lake Resort Engagement Photography

Katie and Chis’ engagement session consistented of two locations, one at an old barn previously owned by Katie’s grandfather and another at Lost Lake Resort. For the first part, I met them in Odell near Hood River, and we began the session at Katie’s grandfather’s old barn before going to Lost Lake. The property it’s on currently has new owners but they were nice enough to let us use their land. They also had a cool field with tall grass that we strolled around in for a bit. The old barn had so much character, which made it a lot of fun to use as a backdrop, and since it was Katie’s grandfather’s it had extra special meaning.

Lost Lake was about a forty minute drive from Odell and by the time we got there a bunch of clouds had obscured Mt Hood, which rises up behind the lake. But the lake itself and the cute dock along side of it near the resort are really beautiful and made for a fun location. Given that the lake is pretty high up, it was quite cold when we stepped out of our cars. There were even small remnants of snow around. But Katie and Chris had brought along a Star Wars Pendleton blanket that Katie had won in an Instagram contest. So by the end of the engagement session at Lost Lake they were ready to cuddle up in that blanket. 🙂 — KC

















































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