A Pendleton Blanket Adorned Backyard Wedding

Leah and Brian’s wedding was ridiculously fun and kind of just ridiculous as well. The day started off pretty unassuming, although wonderful. The celebration was hosted at Leah’s parent’s beautiful property in Pleasant Hill near Eugene. Bunches of lavender canvased the pathways, bees buzzing among them. The ceremony and reception took place in the backyard. Pendleton blankets covered nearly every surface, and they tied in with the brilliant wedding color scheme of vibrant blues, oranges and reds. Guests sipped on custom-brewed cider, concocted by Brian, while some played corn hole and giant Jenga and others lounged by the pool.

It was a beautifully designed wedding, some of the best decorations I’ve seen this year, and the day couldn’t have gone better. But the newlyweds and their crew really stepped things up a notch near the end of night when the dress clothes came off and people started jumping into the pool. And then out of nowhere a horse mask materialized, and, well, like I said, things got a bit ridiculous. And I loved every moment of it. You’ll see what I mean when you get to the last few photos. Enjoy! — KC