Laurelhurst Club Wedding Photography

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Emily and Orion’s wedding at the Laurelhurst Club next to Laurelhurst Park was a lot of fun to photograph because the bride and groom have such an amazing, creative community of friends and family who generously dedicated their time to making their wedding a reality. Every person involved in the setup and execution from the wedding planner to the bartender to the florist was connected to the bride and groom. It made for an intimate experience and really influenced my approach to photographing the beginning of the day. Usually, I’ll concentrate most of my time with the wedding party getting ready, but there were so many other important people helping with the setup that I also wanted to document that aspect as well. Luckily, everything was happening within a pretty small area so I was able to easily bounce around. I was incredibly impressed with how Emily and Orion were able to delegate tasks, which is so important when coordinating a DIY wedding with friends. On one hand, as the bride and groom you want to be able to enjoy the day without the stress of doing everything yourselves, but on the other hand you don’t want to overburden your friends. You want them to be able to enjoy the day, too. Emily and Orion struck this balance incredibly well, and it all led up to an amazing party kicked off by a Prince cover band that rocked the reception. 🙂 — KC


Dress: Elizabeth Dye / The English Department

Coordinator: Stacey Tester

Venue: Laurelhurst Club

Caterer: ¿Por Qué No?

Florist: Sage Warner

Cake: Annies Pies

Hair: Kody Higgins

Band: Erotic City