Engagement Photography At Forest Park And The Rhododendron Garden

We began Suzy and Neil’s engagement session in Forest Park on the Wildwood Trail. This trail holds a nostalgic place in my heart because I used to run it quite frequently. So being able to return to it with a very cool couple, like Suzy and Neil, to do their engagement photographs was a lot of fun. The first time I met with Neil and Suzy, they told me their most amazing proposal story about how they were in Belgium during a soccer tournament and the streets were bustling, how they got their hotel room upgraded to a suite on accident, and how Neil proposed to Suzy while sitting on the suite’s giant windowsill overlooking the city as it celebrated a win. It sounded like it was straight out of a movie.

After spending about an hour shooting in Forest Park, we went to our second location, the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. When the rhododendrons are blooming at the garden it is an absolutely beautiful location to photograph. However, when we first got to the garden I noticed a certain mood shift when we started shooting again that contrasted with the cheerful way they told me their proposal story. I briefly worried that they weren’t enjoying the experience, but I soon learned that Neil and Suzy didn’t have a chance to eat after work and came straight to the session. So they were feeling a little “hangry”. I felt terrible that they had to rush over without eating and wished I could offer them something, a granola bar, apple, anything. At that moment, I decided I would start bringing emergency snacks in the future just for this kind of situation. But despite running low on fuel, you’d never guess it by looking at Suzy and Neil’s photos. After we joked about it a little, they returned to their chipper selves and we rocked the rest of the session. 🙂 — KC












































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