Powell Butte Engagement Photography

Like most couples, Laura and Hyon came to their engagement session at Powell Butte not knowing what to do in front of the camera. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little awkward. No couples I photograph are models. I always just tell folks to embarrass the awkward and trust that I’ll give direction when appropriate. Laura and Hyon seemed to take this to heart because they were super giggly the entire time and settled into the process really quick. They got so comfortable they even told a story or two I shouldn’t repeat here, and I also learned a whole bunch about their cats and how one of them wants to eat the others. One thing that I think helps couples feel comfortable is picking a location that is familiar or special to them. Laura and Hyon live close to Powell Butte and have walked its trails a number of times, so for them it was the perfect engagement session location choice. So if you’re thinking about a location for your own engagement session try to think of one that has meaning, big or small, in your relationship. 🙂 — KC