Boise, Idaho Ann Morrison Park Backyard Wedding Photography

One of the things that I love most about being a wedding photographer is the opportunity it gives me to travel. So when DeeAnndra and Kyle asked me to photographed their backyard wedding in Boise, Idaho, I was obviously all about it. The day began with Kyle getting ready at a friend’s place and DeeAnndra getting ready at the very hip Modern Hotel. Afterward, we all converged at Ann Morrison Park for the first look and portraits. DeeAnndra and Kyle’s big request for their portraits was that I capture the fall leaves and trees. Boise is especially beautiful during the fall, and the colors at Ann Morrison Park did not disappoint. Our next stop was a smaller neighborhood park for the ceremony that was conveniently within quick walking distance to the reception hosted in a friend’s backyard where guests made quick work of the taco bar.

The day before DeeAnndra and Kyle’s wedding, I actually spent a good amount of time walking around the neighborhood surrounding the reception in search of an extra cool spot with good light for sunset portraits. I was having a hard time getting inspired until I finally stumbled upon an incredible scene. About three blocks away down a dead-end road I discovered a super cool rickety wooden fence with the most amazing trees scattering golden yellow leaves along the fence line. But best of all, it was perfectly positioned to the setting sun for my favorite kind of light, which made it looked like an idyllic movie set. I knew that I had to take DeeAnndra and Kyle there. The thing is, I would have never found this particular spot had I not searched the day before. There just wouldn’t have been enough time the day of the wedding to find it. And while scouting requires additional time and effort on my part, it’s always worth it when I find an especially inspiring location that I would not have found otherwise. — KC





















































































































































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  • Val Yoakum

    Oh DeeAndra and Kyle, what a beautiful wedding and reception! Loved everything about it. Wish we could have seen you in person.
    Love you bunches!
    Dan and Val Yoakum

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