Deception Pass Engagement Session Photography

I stumbled upon Deception Pass a couple years back while driving up to Port Townsend, Washington, to pick up a cast-iron, propane heater for the tiny house I’ve built. Not only did I get a great deal on that second-hand heater (which to this day is probably the biggest steal I’ve ever found) but I also found an amazing location for an engagement session. I’ve had it in the back of my mind ever since to take a couple out to Deception Pass. Taysha and Erik just so happen to be from Seattle and were up for the hour drive north to Deception Pass for their engagement session, so a few Sundays ago I hauled on up there from Portland to meet them. However, upon arriving I nearly started to second guess my location suggestion, as the scene surrounding Deception Pass was buzzing with far more people than when I had previously visited it on a weekday. It turns out that Deception Pass is a major through road to the ferries, and a constant stream of noisy traffic clogs the roadway. Additionally, Deception Pass is a huge tourist attraction, so all manners of people are running across the road and yelling over the noise of the traffic. To top things off, the bridge walkway is particularly narrow so it almost feels claustrophobic trying to get across it while navigating passersby on one side and whirring by cars and semi-trucks uncomfortably close on the other side. Suffice it to say, I was a little concerned that fostering a relaxed, intimate vibe for Taysha and Erik would be challenging. But luck was on our side. I’ve begun to notice that your typical tourist tends to be most active in the middle of the day, and I like to shoot closer to sunset when the light is the prettiest. So by the time Taysha and Erik arrived to start the shoot, the traffic had died down and the tourists had started filing out. By the time are session progressed down to the beach at the foot of the bridge, which had been super populated earlier in the day, we had the entire thing to ourselves. There wasn’t a single person to be found. We got to enjoy the sunset all to ourselves and it was glorious. Why more people don’t like to stick around for the most beautiful part of the day is beyond me, but ultimately I’m glad that we got to top off a successful engagement session at Deception Pass with a peaceful evening stroll on the beach. 🙂 — KC



















































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