2018 Wedding And Engagement Favorites

Last year wrapped up my eighth year photographing weddings and engagements and it was a wild, rewarding ride. I kicked off the year with a few winter weddings in and around Portland before jetting off on a month-long trip to Europe to photograph an elopement in Switzerland and explore a few other countries that were on my bucket list, including Greece, Croatia, Germany and The Netherlands. Upon my return, the busy season ramped right up and I felt as though I settled into the follow of shooting easier than I have at any other point throughout my career. In some ways, I felt as though I was on auto-pilot but in the best way possible because the process of documenting weddings just came so much more naturally. I got to enjoy spending time with couples out on the Oregon Coast, in the Mt Hood National Forest, at waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge, up in Seattle, down in California in Sonoma and Sequoia National Park, and closer to home in downtown Portland. I racked up a lot of miles both on the road and in the air, I burned a ton of calories lugging gear, and I got plenty of red eye staring at my computer screen culling over 100,000 images. Given the tremendous physical and mental effort to run this business and create these images, it’s incredibly rewarding to compile what I feel are the best of my efforts. I live for those one in a thousand images that for whatever reason speaks more eloquently than the rest. But at times they can get lost, diluted even, among all the rough drafts or failed attempts at creating something unique and special. Having them all in one place is a reminder that I’m not half bad at this and inspires me to keep searching for and capturing throughout the coming year those fleeting instances that would otherwise be but memories that fade with time.  🙂 — KC











































































































































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