Vanderbeck Valley Farms Wedding Photography

Cody and Chris’ wedding at Vanderbeck Valley Farms in Molalla, Oregon, was absolutely beautiful. First of all, both Cody and Chris are absolute rays of sunshine, always smiling and an incredibly welcoming and generous couple. Cody got all of her bridesmaids gorgeous necklaces with feathers carved from metal and Chris gave his groomsmen leather bowties crafted by his very own hands. Vanderbeck Valley Farms was a perfect location for Cody and Chris’ wedding. As a couple, they are outdoorsy and adventurous, having lived out of a camper van for some time. Cody went so far as to forgo shoes on her wedding day. At times, I was concerned the pebbled paths we walked on would hurt her feet but she just shrugged it off. So getting married out in the countryside on an open lawn with towering trees and colorful flowers and bushes as a backdrop made perfect sense. They were married on a perfectly sunny day. Cody was driven up to the ceremony aisle in a classic, vintage truck while their guests sat on rustic wooden benches. Their super cute nephews and nieces scampering about during the reception were also a lot of fun to photograph. One of them was particularly adamant about not wanting to wear his dress clothes which resulted in some funny moments. Around dusk, the dance party started. Cody and Chris’ many vibrant and colorful friends and family members displayed a wide array of groovy moves to end the night. 🙂 — KC


























































































































































































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