Mt Rainier Washington Engagement Session Photography

I’d been looking forward to Meghan and Zach’s engagement session at Mt Rainier for a long time. Meghan and I actually went to the same high school and college, and Meghan likes to often bring up the hilarious fact that we used to swing dance together an awful lot during school dances back when Zoot Suit Riot was a big hit. Post college, Meghan moved to New York and met Zach. They have the quintessential cute-barista-in-the-big-city-meets-cute-hip-skaterboarder-who-comes-in-to-get-coffee-all-the-time story. During our first meeting to discuss their wedding, Zach told me the amazing story of how he hiked up to Everest Basecamp, so I knew that I wanted to come up with something a little extra adventurous for these two. Shooting a session up at Mt Rainier has been on my bucket list so I threw the idea out to them. Not every couple is up for a four-hour, one-way drive to take photos for just two hours, but Meghan and Zach were game, and it proved to be a fun adventure. My original plan was to hike up to get a closer view of Mt Rainier and the glaciers so that the mountain would be prominently in the background, but unfortunately the session landed on a cloudy day, and the rangers told us we’d need snow gear to get that close. Also, it was particularly cold for mid-July, dipping to the low 40s. So instead we winged it, opting for a casual hike up above the visitor center to Dege Peak, which had a wonderful view of the surroundings, and just as we were hiking back down at dusk, Mt Rainier decided to come out to play ever so briefly. 🙂 — KC



























































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