A Historic Overlook House Backyard Wedding

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Today, I bring you Evan and Jenna’s Historic Overlook House wedding. One of the things that I enjoy most when getting to know the couples that I collaborate with is getting to know their geeky sides. And Jenna and Evan wear their geeky sides on their sleeves and it’s amazing, as you’ll soon find out. As it so happens, I met Evan maybe eight years ago when I returned from traveling abroad to live in Portland full-time. I started working as a bus boy in a newly opened restaurant called 50 Plates in the Pearl District and Evan was one of the servers. The first thing that I learned about Evan was that he was incredibly polite and sincere, a straight-up gentlemen. The guests at his tables loved him. One of the next things I learned about him was that he is a big fan of Magic The Gathering. Now, I used to play Magic back in my middle school and high school days so I tried a couple times to hang in their with him and his friends but got trounced so quickly I realized I was way out of my depth. Anyway, it didn’t surprise me years later when I learned that along with one of his friends he opened his very own gaming shop, Red Castle Games, located in SE Portland. Soon after Jenna walked in and became one of his employees and they fell in love! However, as often happens with most relationships there was a moment of uncertainty when Jenna, the world traveler that she is, had plans to return to Argentina. But in true romantic fashion one day at the beach, Evan, who may or may not have collapsed in the sand in a huff, convinced Jenna to stay to see what their budding relationship was all about. If I’ve got my facts straight, I understand that tango dancing played no small roll in their partnership, but I’m also just tickled by the idea that gaming, and I’d like to think Magic The Gathering in particular but I can’t say for sure, brought this wonderful couple together. In the years that followed, both Jenna and Evan left Red Castle Games to pursue new careers in naturopathic medicine and chiropractics respectively. Of course, in the middle of all that I got to photograph their backyard wedding at the Historic Overlook House. Afterward we went out for Karaoke at The Alibi, and we rocked out to Evan’s impressive rendition of I believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness while Jenna clapped on grinning ear to ear. — KC