Eagle Crest Resort Wedding Photography

One of the most touching parts of Annie and Mitch’s wedding at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Oregon, was early in the day when Annie invited over for brunch all of the important women in her life. During that time, Annie explained to all of them how much they meant to her and how they contributed to her life and growth. They then sang songs, said a few prayers, and everyone was given an opportunity to give a few words of life advice. Apparently, Annie had envisioned doing this since high school, and I thought it was very cool that she decided to incorporate this moment into her day and invite me into that intimate environment to document it before moving on to photograph the rest of the wedding day over at the Eagle Crest Resort. Usually at this point in the day I would be photographing the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready, but this was a welcomed twist with a lot of emotional moments that were super fun to photograph. Weddings by their very nature can be this super traditional thing, and I’ve talked to many brides and grooms that feel obligated to follow a certain format because of tradition. But remember, it’s your day and you should feel free to incorporate unique moments that are special to you. 🙂 — KC