Village Ballroom Wedding || Portland Lesbian Wedding Photographer

I photographed, Lucy and Teagan’s wedding at the Village Ballroom and their portraits in Woodlawn Park. I actually live just a stone’s throw away from the Village Ballroom, and over the years I’ve gone there with friends to square dance. So it was really cool to shoot a wedding there. It was like working in my backyard. The Village Ballroom has a beautiful space with great big windows, wood everywhere, and an old Portland, dancehall vibe. It’s also located just above The Oregon Public House, a non-profit pub. For other couples getting married there, I could imagine the pub being a great location for cocktail hour.

The newlyweds are a super cute couple. They share a love of plants. I distinctly remember Lucy and Teagan giving me an herbal remedy suggestion for the cold I had when I first met them. What a couple of sweethearts! One of the things I remember most clearly about their wedding was how integrated all the children were in the celebration. They made it a point that the kids in their community were included. You can tell definitely tell from the photos. There was one moment when several of them were jumping off the stage while another did some breakdancing moves. Meanwhile, a toddler wondered around aimlessly with a pacifier in her mouth. It seemed like complete mayhem but the most wonderful kind! 🙂 — KC