Summer Wedding Photography At Timberline Lodge

Earlier this summer, I photographed Rachel and Erin’s wedding up at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood. I don’t go up to the mountain that time of year often but it’s ridiculously gorgeous with the barren rocks once covered by snow basking in the sun, the weathered grey trees clawing at the blue sky, and of course the iconic lodge famously known for it being featured in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, one of my favorite movies. So for me, photographing weddings at Timberline Lodge is always fun. Getting to collaborate with Rachel and Erin on their wedding photographs made it that much more enjoyable. The two them moved through their wedding day with an effortless, laid-back grace that was inspiring, and they looked positively epic standing in the Timberline Lodge amphitheater at sunset during their ceremony with the forested ski slopes below them and the mountain peak towering above. — KC