A Sequoia National Park Adventure Wedding

Adventure weddings are my favorite, and I’m back this week with Darcy and Adam’s in Sequoia National Park, following last week’s post of their engagement session, which we photographed just the day before, that you can find here. The thing I love most about Darcy and Adam’s wedding is that it was so them. They didn’t want a big wedding in a grand, downtown ballroom with an extravagant dinner and a bajillion decorations. Even though I love those kinds of wedding as well, I most enjoy weddings when couples make their wedding their own, as opposed to feeling obligated by tradition to do things a certain way. As for Darcy and Adam, they love traveling around in Adam’s pickup with it’s built-in, homemade camper, and exploring the outdoors with the serenity that it brings. So they planned their wedding accordingly, and surrounded themselves with their closest friends and family for a camping trip in one of California’s most renowned national parks, which served to be the perfect wedding decoration for the newlyweds.

We began the day at a communal campsite for breakfast where Adam and friends and family cooked egg scrambles in tinfoil over the fire pit. Afterward I met Darcy in a nearby cabin where she was getting ready with her girls, and when all was prepared we convened in a beautiful meadow for the first look followed by portraits. The wedding party and all the guests then hiked a mile-long dirt trail to a Giant Sequoia tree, which served as an amazing backdrop for the ceremony. Next up was dinner at the communal campsite, where campers dined on the most delicious chili with the perfect amount of spice while the great many dogs in attendance played tag among the trees. To cap everything off, everyone met at a trailhead that Darcy and I had scouted out a couple days prior, and we all hiked up to a hilly lookout covered in wild flowers gazing over the Sierra Nevadas while the sun set behind the mountains. — KC































































































































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