A Rustic Sandy, Oregon Farmhouse Wedding

Ali and Rich’s rustic, farmhouse wedding was particularly special to me. While growing up, Ali’s older brother, Nathan, and I were great friends. We played basketball and soccer together, and up through high school we would often have sleepovers at each other’s houses, staying up late watching movies and getting into trouble. If I ever had a second family growing up it would have been Ali and Nathan’s, the Mumfords. During that time I got to also watch Ali grow up. However, post high school the times that I would see the Mumford family were fewer and far between. So having this opportunity to photograph Ali and Rich’s wedding and see all the Mumfords in one place really warmed my heart.

However, not too long ago while assisting another photographer during a shoot, I coincidentally ran into Ali up at OHSU where I was surprised to learn that she works now as a physicians assistant. Not too long after that, Ali and Rich contacted me about photographing their wedding, and I was of course super excited about the opportunity. I met them at their house, which Rich has been in the process of renovating when he has free time from his job at Portland Fire And Rescue. At the time, they were installing beautiful hardwood floors, and I inquired where they had gotten the wood because I was looking for something similar for the tiny house that I was building. It turned out that they had some leftovers, which they were generous enough to donate to my build, and it ended up being the perfect amount for my loft!

Fast forward several months, Ali and Rich’s wedding took place in the countryside east of Portland on a friend’s property. Once old farming land in disrepair, the entire property was renovated, including saving and fixing up the main house, as well as the barn, in front of which Ali and Rich were married. Following the ceremony, the barn doors were opened for the reception dance party and all of the children in attendance performed a choreographed dance for the newlyweds. Afterward at dusk, I had a couple minutes to sneak Ali and Rich away for a few last-minute photos in front of a classic Chevy before they jumped in and drove off as friends and family waved their sparklers. — KC