An Oregon Cliff House Wedding On The McKenzie River

Breah and Chad’s Mckenzie River wedding near Eugene at the Oregon Cliff House was absolutely magical. They had gorgeous decorations, and they rented an idyllic house overlooking the Mckenzie River as their wedding venue. As far as photography goes, few things get me more excited than shooting near a body of water. For some reason I’m just drawn to that sort of environment. And photographing the newlyweds standing in the McKenzie River at dusk just after their wedding ceremony was a dream. But it turns out that Breah and Chad had something extra up their sleeve that topped all that. When I first learned of what they had planned I knew I was in for a special experience. It turns out that the owners of the Oregon Cliff House really love games, or so I’m led to believe by the numerous gaming options available on the grounds. They’ve got badminton, corn hole, and horse shoes, and probably bocce ball for all I know. But the coup de gra is a full fledged wiffle ball field, complete with scoreboard, dugout, backstop, etc.. You name it. And Breah and Chad wanted to have all of their willing guests join in for a game before getting ready. Fist pump! I’m a huge fan of games and activities before weddings begin. Not only is it super fun to branch out and photograph something slightly different, but it gives some extra flavor and variety to the story of the day that is unique to the couple. Most of all, it’s just one more opportunity for the bride and groom to share special moments with their friends and family, and I love photographing that sort of stuff. Last year I got to photograph a white water rafting wedding and this year I got to photograph a wiffle ball wedding. Let’s keep this going, folks. What have we got next!? 🙂 — KC