Your Wedding And Engagement Photos

Belong In An Album

After your engagement photo session or wedding, you’re going to receive an online photo gallery and don’t be surprised when you and your partner look like a couple of rock stars!

Not only will you look great and have epic photos, there will be touching moments that will bring tears to your eyes and likely a few hilarious ones that will have you laughing all over again, as well. But, what will you do with your photos now and for the future? 

Like so many, you’ll no doubt put them on social media and select some prints for your home and gifting. However, if that’s all you do, then potentially hundreds of photos will be forgotten and go unappreciated. Your wedding day story will be left untold and your investment will not live up to its full potential. 

When I photograph an engagement session or wedding I’m intentionally documenting it so the story of the day can later be visually retold. Using a combination of portraiture, documentary, and environmental details, I aim to preserve your memories so that you and your relatives can experience them all over again, and what better way to seal the narrative than with an heirloom quality fine art album?

KC2 2888

West Coast conceived and designed, these albums were intentionally crafted by photographers for the best and most beautiful result. Inside you’ll find your photos on museum quality paper from Saxony that can last over a hundred years and has received the prestigious International Forest Stewardship Council FSC certification. 

With an album, we have the opportunity to curate your engagement and wedding photographs so that your story is told exactly how you remember it. That way, if those memories fade you’ll be able to hold them in your hands again.