How Much Do You Charge For Weddings, Elopements Or Engagements?

Check out my Wedding Photography Price Guide.

Do You Photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?

Absolutely! Visit this page for more info.

How Many Photos Will We Receive?

For any given wedding, I shoot approximately 1000-3000 photos give or take. Those are culled to a more reasonable number, usually in the 300-800 range, all of which are edited and delivered. For engagements, approximately 400-700 photos are culled down to 50-100 images.

When Will We Receive Our Photos?

I aim to deliver weddings within two months, however, contractually I give myself up to three months in case I have a particularly busy season or if I have to send my computer in for repair. During lighter seasons, delivery can be within a week or two. Engagements are usually delivered in one to two weeks, but are guaranteed within a month.

How Are Photos Delivered?

Photos are uploaded to an online gallery from which you can download them. You may also order prints from this gallery.

How Do You Edit The Photos?

All photos are edited in Adobe Lightroom. More complex retouching is done in Adobe Photoshop. For every photo, my custom preset is applied, and exposure and color corrections are made. My general rule for retouching is that I will remove up to three blemishes from any given photo free of charge. If additional retouching is needed then there is a $50/hr retouching fee. To give you a frame of reference, if you were to look through my site, I would estimate that 99% has no special additional retouching.

Can We Bring Our Pet?

I love animals and am always open to incorporating pets, but it’s important to understand that a pet can be a major distraction for the style of session I do. I aim to cultivate a relaxed, romantic atmosphere during the shoot between you and your fiancé. We are trying to create real connection. This can be challenging if not impossible when you have to monitor your pet. If you would really like to incorporate a pet, it’s handy to have another person there who can step in to look after them. At the very least, we would want to be able to put them in a car while we finish the session.

What Is Your Photo Backup Plan?

While shooting, your photos are instantaneously backed up in-camera on separate memory cards. Afterward, all of your photos are then backed up to three separate hard drives, one of which lives in my car in case my house burns down. Your photos are also uploaded to the cloud using Backblaze for an additional off-site backup.

Do You Have Business Insurance?

Yes, I have a photography business insurance policy through Country Financial and I can provide documentation if your venue requires it.

What Happens If You Get Sick?

I am a member of a close-knit photography community who I would tap to fill in for me if I were to get sick. I would select with your approval a photographer who has a similar approach and shooting style to my own and pay them to shoot your wedding. They would deliver the images to me, and I would then edit them so that the editing style is consistent with what you were expecting.

How Do We Book?

First we would need to have a meeting, preferably in person to see if we’re a good fit. If we’re all excited to work together, then I would have you fill out a contract and pay a half-down retainer up to $1000. Once I have the contract and retainer, I will have your date reserved in my calendar.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Take?

When booking, you will receive an invoice that will allow you to pay via a secure bank transfer, essentially an electronic check using your banks routing number and your account number. If you’d prefer to pay with a card, I can enable that option, but there is a 3% processing fee. You may also send a check or pay with Venmo.

What Is The Retainer?

I require a half-down retainer up to $1000. So if your package exceeds $2000, your retainer will be no more than $1000.

Do You Travel?

Heck yes! I love traveling, and I do my absolute best to keep travel fees reasonable so that it’s not a barrier to hiring me. I’ve shot weddings all over Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Arizona, and Texas, and in locations as far-flung as Thailand and Switzerland. Soon I will be adding Hawaii and Mexico to the list.

What Is Your Travel Fee?

Every effort is made to keep travel expenses minimal. Fifty miles roundtrip is included in your package. Beyond that, each mile is 56 cents. If an overnight stay or air travel is required, a reasonable fee will be added to the package price to cover lodging, flights, and ground transportation. I’m open to getting creative to keep expenses low. I’ve actually stayed with couples in an available room in their Airbnb. For weddings in National Parks I’ve camped. Basically, I’m a trooper. Travel expenses usually range from $50-$200 for locations in Oregon and Washington, $500-$800 in California, and $700-$900 in Hawaii. Pricing for other destinations is available upon request.

What Is Your Photography Approach?

My goal is to make your wedding as relaxed and enjoyable as possible by guiding you toward a photography timeline that will help your day run super smooth. I’m a pretty laidback dude who likes to blend in and let things happen naturally. But I’m plenty confident about taking control of any given situation and making things happen in a tactful, polite manner.

During your wedding I’m looking to capture three key aspects. Those aspects would include documentary, portraiture, and detail. The documentary component would be capturing all of those little in-between candid moments throughout the day, moments that I do not direct or influence. These are the storytelling images. For portraiture, I try to create images that have a documentary feel, so that your portraits look natural. I am as hands-off as possible so that you’re free to be you. But I do give tips and direct when needed. From time to time, I will also incorporate a more conceptual, creative portrait using artificial light. The last aspect is the details, and this includes wardrobe, decorations, gifts, and landscape. These photos describe what the day looked like so that you can put yourself back in that time and place. By focusing 0n documentary, portraiture, and details in an evenhanded manner, I’m trying to capture a well-rounded story of your wedding day.

Can You Help With Our Timeline?

I work closely with all couples to construct their photography timeline so their day unfolds effortlessly. The following page gives a bunch of tips on How To Schedule A Wedding Photography Timeline. I do, however, encourage hiring a coordinator or planner who can assist with scheduling your other vendors.

Do We Own Our Photos?

Technically, under copyright law the image creator owns the copyright to the images they create. The package price that you pay includes the value of a copyright license to make prints for your own personal use. An online gallery is made available from which friends and family may order prints. You may order from this gallery, too, if you want a high-quality, professional print.

Can We Print Our Photos?

Yes, a copyright license is included in your package to make prints for your own personal use.

Can We Have The Outtakes And/Or RAW Files?

As an artists, my goal is to deliver a finished body of art consistent with the work I present on my website. Unfortunately because the outtakes and RAW files are unfinished and do not represent the quality of work I advertise I do not deliver them. The culling process is meant to bring the number of photos down to a reasonable level that will not overwhelm you when selecting your photos for print. But I do go to great effort to make sure that as many useable images as possible are included in the final cut. Images that are not included would be duplicates, out-of-focus or blurry images, and images that are a poor representation of the subject matter, such as someone with a double chin. The usability of an image is sometimes subjective and I would encourage trusting your photographer to make good decisions. However, I am open to requests to search through the outtakes for images that may have been overlooked.

What Equipment Do You Use?

I shoot with two Nikon D750 cameras and an assortment of wide aperture, fix-focal length lenses that come in super handy when photographing in low-light scenarios like indoor ceremonies, getting ready rooms, and receptions.

Do You Use Flash?

I do use flash, but I try to as little as possible so as to preserve a natural feel to the images. Under some rare circumstances I will use a flash during an indoor ceremony, but it’s always a last resort. Flash is used most often during receptions, but it is done in such a way so as to preserve the vibe of the lighting already present at the venue. From time to time, I will also incorporate flash when doing a more conceptual, creative portrait indoors or when the sun has set.

Can You Shoot Our Rehearsal Dinner?

I would absolutely love to photograph your rehearsal dinner. However, on weekends I prioritize weddings, so if I’m unavailable for your rehearsal I would assign an associate photographer to cover it.

Is A Second Photographer Included In Your Packages?

A second photographer does not come standard in my base rate but one can be added to any package.

Where Will We Shoot Our Engagement Photos?

I first encourage couples to think of any locations or activities that are special in their relationship. This is a great way to come up with an engagement session location. However, if you still need help or if you’d like to go somewhere you’ve never been before, here is a great list of engagement session location ideas.

Do You Shoot Engagements On Weekends?

Weekends are generally reserved for weddings, but weekends are possible for engagements, especially during slower seasons. Usually, Fridays and Sundays are easiest. If we schedule your engagement session for a weekend and a different couple inquires about that day for their wedding, I may try to reschedule the engagement if it’s not inconvenient for you. This happens very rarely. If you’re available for a mid-week session I am much more flexible with dates.

What Happens If Our Date Changes Or If Our Wedding Is Canceled?

The retainer payed is non-refundable after 72 hours of the signing of the contract. However, if I’m able to rebook the date I will refund the retainer. If the wedding date is changed to a date that I have open then I will still be available to shoot your wedding. However, if we’re within one month of the wedding date and it’s changed to a date that I do not have available or if the wedding is canceled then the final payment would still be due.

Does Your Photo Booth Include Prints?

My photo booth does not print photos. The photos would be included in your online gallery. If you’d like a photo booth that prints photos I could give you a referral.

Can We Post Photos To Social Media?

Feel free to go crazy posting your photos to social media. I only ask that no alternations are made to the images and that the images be tagged with my business profile for the given social media platform, either @kylecarnesphoto for instagram or Kyle Carnes Photography for Facebook.

Can Our Friends/Family Take Photos At The Wedding?

I have no problem with friends and family taking photos at your wedding if it’s in a non-professional capacity. Under some circumstances, I may have a tactful, polite conversation with a guest if they’re hindering my ability to get the shot I need. I do encourage all couples to consider an unplugged ceremony so that guests are fully present and in touch with their emotions and not distracted by devices.

Do You Need Something To Eat The Day Of The Wedding?

On the day of your wedding, I unfortunately will not have time to stop somewhere for a bite to eat so it is customary to provide a meal. If there is a buffet line, I will usually just jump in line after the wedding party has made its way through. If it’s a plated meal, I just ask that you include me (and the second photographer if you have one in your package) in the headcount.

Should We Tip?

A tip is never expected. I’d say maybe one in ten couples tip. But if you’re particularly impressed with my services and want to tip I would kindly accept.