Springhill Cellars Winery Wedding Photography

Suzy and Neil hosted their wedding at Springhill Cellars Winery, their gorgeous family vineyard in Albany, Oregon. Leading up to their wedding at Springhill Cellars Neil proposed to Suzy in the most romantic way one night while sitting in a giant windowsill overlooking a small city in Belgium while the townspeople roamed the streets below celebrating a soccer victory. During our first meeting, Neil recounted the many times he had tried to propose during their trip leading up to that night and how he waited for the perfect moment. They, of course, tell the story better than I ever could, but I found it incredibly touching. I was also drawn to working with them because of their many travels and their love for adventuresome activities, such as cycling and climbing. They spoke of each other and their interest with such enthusiasm, I knew they would be great subjects. For me as a wedding photographer they were a dream couple. We later had a fantastic time photographing their engagement photos at Forest Park and the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. And their wedding at Springhill Cellars was super fun, with the most delicious spread of food I’ve ever seen at a wedding and a live band that played in the barn long past the moon was bright in the sky. — KC






















































































































































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